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We offer one piece flow prototyping in machining with

2 weeks delivery time to Sweden

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A professional team of NC machining experts, plus post processing processes

Professional engineering team that provides process planning and production techniques. Quotation within 24 hours.

Fast delivery

2 weeks only...


We have a complete manufacturing system that is specialized in prototyping. Starting from 3D printing with various metals, multiple NC machines in milling turning and grinding, plus heat treatment and laser machining.


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Service protocol


Agent service in Stockholm, manufacturing sites in China and intenrational priority logistics

Customer specifications

Send us your imagined components in: hand drawing, mechanical drawings, PDF, STEP or CAD. Anything that you are comfort with.

Competitive offers

We make competitive offers according to your specifications and propose the ways for production the parts.

After confirmation, parts are delivered within 2 weeks.

Product acceptance

After the products are delivered at customers, we have dedicated agents to follow up and make prompt service if needed.

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Fridensborgsvagen 148

170 62 Solna


+46 73 275 0415


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Our commercial activities are governed by the Swedish law.

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VAT: SE559071388801

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